Kim: A JSON Serialization and Marshaling framework

Release v1.0.0. (Installation)

Introducing Kim:

>>> mapper = UserMapper(data=response.json())
>>> mapper.marshal()
User(id='one', name='Bruce Wayne', 'title'='CEO/Super Hero')
>>> user_two = User.query.get('two')
>>> mapper = UserMapper(obj=user_two)
>>> mapper.serialize()
{u'id': 'two', u'name': 'Martha Wayne', 'title': 'Mother of Batman'}

Kim Features

Kim is a feature packed framework for handling even the most complex marshaling and serialization requirements.

  • Web framework agnostic - Flask, Django, Framework-XXX supported!
  • Highly customisable field processing system
  • Security focused
  • Control included fields with powerful roles system
  • Handle mixed data types with polymorphic mappers
  • Marshal and Serialize nested objects

Kim officially supports Python 2.7 & 3.3–3.5

The API Documentation / Guide

Detailed class and method documentation

About Kim